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It's always in my best interest to make sure I get every discount available.  I save coupons, shop sales, compare prices, and shop thrift stores.  I like to save money.  It's the same with auto and home insurance.  I want to get the most coverage for the best price available. READ MORE >>

Actual cash value (ACV) means the in the event of a loss, the insurance company pays the market value of what the item is worth at the time of loss (depreciation only goes down to 50% however.) For instance, my TV is stolen.  I paid $1,000 for it ten years ago, but it's only worth $150 now because it's old. READ MORE >>

When purchasing home or property insurance, you may have heard the term "Named Perils."   What does this mean?   Then there's the term "Open Perils."  Caleb shared his wisdom on this:   READ MORE >>

Which is better?  Buying insurance directly online?  Or buying from an agent or "real" person? Buying direct online: Meets the "need" for insurance and gets you that security verification to keep in your car or to buy your tag.  Convenient. READ MORE >>

Insurance for the oil industry varies by each company's policy.  There are usually limits on pollution, either excluded or limited.  This could be one of the greatest possible exposures.  Anyone who owns land with wells on it should get a certificate of insurance from the operator and those involved in the operation. READ MORE >>

No matter how rich or poor we are, it is still worth time and money to make sure we are getting the most for our money.  Insurance is not exempt.  Competition is fierce in the insurance industry and consumers do well to take advantage of it. READ MORE >>

Our recent newsletter discussed the pros and cons of this subject.   There were a few employees that had an opinion to voice.  As promised - here they are: Justin:  "I think it should be left up to the boss, because it’s really going to be personal preference right? READ MORE >>

The most challenging thing for owners in the tow/repo world is understanding exactly what insurance they need in order to meet the State and licensing requirements. When an owner of a tow, wrecker or repo company calls a random insurance agent for this coverage, more often than not the auto liability is quoted, sold and bound. READ MORE >>

Most Workers Compensation insurance companies give the option for the owner to be excluded from the policy.   While taking this option may save some money, is it the best choice?  Ken Carpenter, president and owner of this agency has this perspective. READ MORE >>

Is there anyway to reduce the pain in the wallet when the time comes to add your 16-year old driver to your auto policy?  Please, please tell me there is a way! That was my cry a few months ago.  I'm never ready to pay more in insurance premiums, but I definitely did want coverage for this new person driving our cars! READ MORE >>

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